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oh, hey

i have the most amazingly stinky gas eminating from my ass right now

just thought ya'll should know
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You fucking fag. Go fuck yourself.
why are you always so mean to me :(
Because you're a fucking idiot. You put up this faux "oh i'm so deep" attitude and it pisses the fuck out of me.

You aren't what you make yourself out to be, and its damned annoying.
man, fuck you.

ever since you moved away from home you've been an asshole, what's the deal?
What the fuck are you talking about? We're going to the SAME university, living in the SAME university housing. If anything, you've changed. And I don't really like who you're putting yourself out to be.
man, just leave me alone, and let me be myself.

Shut up you filthy whore. Stop having ass sex and the gas will go away.

i don't have anal sex. i'm straight, no matter what my insane brother says.
haha, all the dumb yelling over some dude talking about farting
haha ignore my brother

he's a fag
I'm not the fag, he is. Ignore him.
Ignore the both of them. They're both fags.