Talon (chevvate) wrote in dontclassify,

Newbie :)

Hi All!

Thought I'd join seeing as I fit the criteria :)
I'm 25, F, Aussie and the only labels that don't sh*t me are 'freak' and 'weird'..in regards to myself anyway. lol!

I wear black most of the time..simply because it suits my personality. People who wear black are classified as having little personality and being somewhat 'plain'. That's not me at all.

Safety pins and studded leather are also commonly parts of my 'outfit'. But, I'm certainly not punk as I believe laws and order are integral parts of society.

With my purple hair, piercings and 4' platform knee-high boots I'm labelled 'goth'. haha..I don't yet practice black magic so yet another misconception.

And..uh oh..I'm unemployed. We all know the negative "You must be lazy and not want to work you bum" crap. In reality, I have medical conditions that mean I cannot work, and after years of trying to get assistance only to have every door slammed in my face..I gave up.

Anyways..me in a nutshell...
Creative, intelligent, morbid, independant, anti-social, spiritually driven, immortal, multi-faceted, impatient, understanding, a romantic, realistic, fair, analytical, paradox.

I very much "do unto others...". So, you'll get what you give with me. I can be the most supportive, understanding and empathetic person you'll ever know. But I can also be the thing you're most afraid of. Fair's fair.

Hope you're all having a great day.

Cheers, Talon.
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