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Hey Im new Im 17, from Los Angeles, California, and hate the fact that people classify you on what you listen to and how you dress. "What? you like this or that, you suck, youre not a true fan of rap, rock, punk, ska, Etc.. or of this band or that guy." I hate it, and also how everyone dresses a certain way to prove a point. Really whats with it, thats all I like to say and I dont judge them, its just not my thing, I like music, its my life, and its up to me what I want to listen to and what I like and dont, dont influence me to become you. Ever feel like this?
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Yes. Alot. Someone said to me the otherday, that I shouldn't dress the way i do, and i asked why, and they said "because you don't listen to that type of music". I listen to alot of punk music, and i have heaps of bands shirts and stuff, because i happen to love those bands, and because i also like, Aussie hip hop and Mariah Carey (heh) im apparently not allowed to wear a Rancid shirt. It's fuckin stupid.