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I think I've found home...

Hello all.

I'm always terrible at first time entries.
I feel as though I'll loosen up sometime, but a few friends to talk to in the same community wouldn't hurt either.

Feel free to leave a comment on my journal if you'd like to discuss anything.

Hmmm, that doesn't work. Let's see...I'll give something to start off on.

I hate people who harbor prejudice. But I harbor a prejudice of my own.
I was raised in a lower-middle class family supported by my father's carpentry.

And wouldn't you know it...I hate rich people.
Help me to work this out if you can.
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hehe, I have a similar sort of issue, only I realized that it's not the fact that they're rich that bothers me, it's often just people that don't appreciate what they have the bother me moreso than what quantity of money they have.
I feel the same way. But what bothers me most are people my age that have parents that will buy them everything they ever need. People who have probably worked hard for their money and understand what it takes to be successful, turning around and making their children into obnoxious swine.
I've recently moved into a new "richer" area of my town...so I see it everywhere.

Perhaps it jealousy. Perhaps its some sort of superiority complex.
But when I see kids my age who don't HAVE to work, or don't WANT to work, it makes me sick.